mary elizabeth brazil

seeing ghosts

since a young age & continuing up to this very day mary elizabeth brazil has been able to see that which is unseen by most. in fact she is able to see just what the very title of her latest book states. Mary is seeing……ghosts!!  

Within the authors recent publication she describes some of the encounters she has had with ghosts & other supernatural beings throughout her life. some of these encounters have been amusing while others have been absolutely terrifying such as witnessing ghosts shuffling along her walls to a demon in her attic!!

Join the witching hour as we talk with mary elizabeth brazil to discuss the paranormal & a world unseen but is none the less all too real, hear her encounters with the supernatural in her own words, & take a look at what life is like when you are……….seeing ghosts!!

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Claire Barrand & Linzi Smith

Paranormal Sisters, Writer and Researcher Claire Barrand and Investigator Linzi Smith will join us from the u.k. to share their personal paranormal encounters & adventures from investigating some of the most haunted locations in wales including spending halloween night in a cemetery. plus the amazing & mysterious legends of st. david, their own podcast “dead creepy” & much more!