from the indiana ghost trackers , chaos haunted & historical tours , & the spirit seekers society 


joining THE WITCHING HOUR from my home reigon of nw indiana will be tonya phillips from the  indiana ghost trackers, chaos haunted & historical tours, & the spirit seekers society,to talk about local GHOST LORE, HAUNTED PUBS & her recent trip to the villisca axe murder house!! Tonya has always been intrigued with death and what comes after. Growing up, she could be found dragging her Aunt and Uncle through cemeteries for hours on end to look at the tombstones. Further intrigued by the fact that she lived near the defunct Manteno State Hospital, she dabbled in the science of ghost hunting. Her first date with her husband was to a cemetery in the Kankakee State Park. Once a regular client of Chaos Trips, she and her husband joined Indiana Ghost Trackers South Lake Chapter. Now into any ghost hunting activity she can find, Tonya can be found dabbling in her photography, and stopping at just about every cemetery she can find, hoping that one day the dead will talk back. Her most recent addiction is old county poor farms, and mental institutions, and of course, the cemeteries that go along with them!